Asperger East Anglia – Beccles Adult Social Group

There is a social/support group for adults with Asperger Syndrome at Beccles.

The group runs twice a month; the main meeting is between 7 and 9 pm on the LAST Wednesday of every month EXCEPT December. There is usually an additional meeting between 7 and 9 pm (spring/summer) or 6.30 and 8.30 pm (autumn/winter) on the SECOND Wednesday of every month INCLUDING December.

The exact times and activities for each additional meeting are decided during the immediately preceding main meeting, but usually involve a walk around the Beccles area or an evening outing further afield.

Main meetings 2014 and early 2015:

* November 26th
* (Please note that there is no main meeting in December)
* January 28th
* February 25th
* March 25th

Expected additional meetings 2014 and early 2015:

* December 10th (6.30pm)
* January 14th (6.30pm)
* February 11th (6.30pm)
* March 11th (6.30pm)

For further information and to join the group, please email me on or telephone 01502 715500.

(By: Martin Howe)

Asperger East Anglia – Norwich Workshop Project

Did you know that we have a workshop project in Norwich?

This project provides a supported training and employment service for people affected by Asperger syndrome.

Research shows that those with an Autistic Spectrum Condition thrive in a structured and well organised environment. By channelling their strengths, such as attention to detail, tenacity and the ability to stay on task, with the correct support those with A.S. can make excellent employees.

Some highlights:

* Meaningful work experience
* Develop work based skills
* Increase their chances of securing employment
* Learn new skills
* Improve confidence and stamina
* Develop teamwork skills

Work experience tasters and skills in computers and electronics in the form of a computer and small appliance (i.e., TVs and DVD players) repair and refurbishment service for donated electronics to be sold. Participants will have the opportunity to gain basic electrical knowledge while assisting with repairs and refurbishment.

Additionally, there is a PAT testing service on offer to local businesses, where participants will gain basic electrical wiring skills for small appliances. As well as gaining experience in a real work environment, they could also gain a nationally recognised P.A.T. Testing qualification.

* 6-26 Week Programme.
* Practical skills in a work environment.
* Workshop or external placement.
* Up-to-date experience to put on the C.V.
* A reference on successful completion of the programme.
* Job Search activities.
* Compiling a C.V. & Cover Letter.
* Filling out application forms.
* Life Skills.
* Job Skills.
* How to cope in the workplace.
* Supporting Environment.

For more details of the Work Opportunities Program Workshop, please contact:

Jenny Leake
Services Co-ordinator
Phone: 01603 598949
Mobile: 07927 024557

Chris Karakoidas
Workshop Supervisor
Phone: 01603 598945
Mobile: 07986 868708

(By: Martin Howe)

Volunteers wanted for Asperger East Anglia in Beccles

Hello Everybody

Do you live in Beccles, Waveney or East Norfolk?
Would you help people with Asperger Syndrome lead fuller lives?
Would you like to learn new skills or make more use of the ones you have now?
Can you spare a few hours per week?

Our Beccles project is short of volunteers in all departments and we are looking for people from all walks of life, including people with AS themselves, who know or are willing to learn to do the tasks that make the project tick!

We desperately need volunteers to:

* Sell books and electrical items online
* Repair computers and electronic goods

We also need people to assist with

* Serving customers in our charity shop
* General electrical equipment testing

In helping us you can gain valuable skills to help you find work, make the most of your free time, or simply feel good about helping other people.

If you would like to join us in this valuable work, helping people with Asperger Syndrome to lead fuller lives, please contact:

Jenny Leake,
Services Co-ordinator
Asperger East Anglia
07927 024557

Please note that this is an official post in my capacity as Social Media Co-ordinator for Asperger East Anglia and simultaneously in my private capacity as a supporter of the charity.

(By: Martin Howe)

Attention East Anglians – News from Asperger East Anglia

Hello Everybody

There follows an official announcement from Asperger East Anglia:

We are pleased to announce our revised and upgraded social media presence!

We are on Facebook as the page AspergerEastAnglia:

We are also on Twitter as the feed AspergerEastAng:

We can be followed in the Norwich area on as the Norwich/Norfolk branch:

We can be followed in the Beccles area on as the Beccles/Suffolk branch:

If you require any further information, please contact me:

Martin Howe,
Social Media Co-ordinator

For more general information about the Society, please visit our website:

(I have been a volunteer for the Society for many years and am now an employee!)

(By: Martin Howe)

Asperger East Anglia seeking Clothing Donations

Hi Everybody

Asperger East Anglia are urgently seeking good quality ladies and gents clothing for their charity shop in Beccles. All donations are gratefully received.

Please contact for more information, phone 01502 715500 or visit our Facebook Page.

Looking for that special gift? Something a bit unusual? Something vintage?

Maybe you can visit … the A-Shop!

“And if you can find us”? Easy – we’re at 1a Market Street in Beccles and open 9.30-5 every day (10-4 on Sundays), including Early Closing Day and all bank holidays except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.


Fed up with the computer having a mind of its own?
Why not treat yourself to a vintage typewriter?
How about a desk and table lamp to go with it?

Oh and we *do* sell good-quality, second-hand, computers, laptops and other tested electrical goods, should you prefer the 21st century!


We have some lovely children’s toys and books for sale.
Games for teens and young adults? Yes!
Books for adults, fiction and non-fiction? Those too.


Fancy some handmade scatter cushions? Some CDs? Even vinyl discs?

Got them right there waiting for you :)


Bric-A-Brac? We have that covered, just like our mannequin.

Mannie (Kinn) is not for sale, but her clothes are and we are always seeking good quality ladies clothing. Gent’s too, though we don’t think they’d look so good on her. Anybody have a male mannequin they would like to donate?


I am a shop volunteer for Asperger East Anglia. The shop and our other Suffolk premises are located in the former Social Services building at 1a Market Street, opposite the Co-Op (formerly Somerfield) “goods in” area. The Society provides other services from this address; if you urgently need help because you or somebody you know has (or is suspected to have) Asperger Syndrome or High-Functioning Autism, please contact the main office on 01603 620500 or email

(By: Martin Howe)

A grand opening for Asperger East Anglia

Here are the Official Press Release and Invitation


Opening of Asperger East Anglia premises in Market Street, Beccles incorporating a Shop and training facilities

Asperger East Anglia is very excited to announce that their new Employment and Training Project will open at 10am on Friday 11th July in Market Street, Beccles.

Asperger East Anglia is a registered charity founded 17 years ago. We provide services across Suffolk and Norfolk. The charity aims to help improve confidence, independence and employability of people affected by Asperger syndrome.

The project is located on Market Street in the centre of Beccles. From here our service users will refurbish computers, repair and test electrical items, restore furniture and use wood and other crafts to make items to sell in our shop.

The shop will be a vantage point for the public to see what people with Asperger syndrome are capable of achieving. It will be a place to display items which have been created or fixed by our service users in the workshop training facility as well as high quality items that have been donated to us.

We encourage service users to gain a sense of ownership by directly helping to sustain and develop the project. By producing goods that can be sold and raise income to sustain the project they are able to identify that working as part of a team can generate positive outcomes.

Asperger syndrome (AS) is an autistic spectrum condition which is characterised by difficulties with social communication, interaction and a lack of emotional empathy. From extensive written and verbal consultation with those that we work with we have found that there are significant barriers for young people with AS when leaving school and moving onto further education or employment. We have developed this project to focus on employment related skills.

Autism affects around 700,000 people in the UK. That’s more than 1 in 100. If you also include their families, autism touches the lives of 2.7 million people every day (The National Autistic Society).

You can help us by:

* Donating quality items we can sell in our shop (collection of large items available)

* Letting us know about people who may benefit from our supported work experience opportunity

* Volunteering to help in our shop or workshops

* Coming to visit us and buying something in our shop!

Please contact us: 01502 715500

Changes at Waveney/GY adult Asperger group

Hello everybody

Are you over 18 and have Asperger’s Syndrome? Do you live in Waveney or Great Yarmouth? Would you like to meet more people like yourself? Then Asperger East Anglia has a social group just for you!

The adults’ group meets in Beccles on the last Wednesday of every month from 7-9 pm at Asperger East Anglia (Beccles), 1a Market Street, Beccles, NR34 9AQ; it is £3 per session and refreshments are included in the cost.

Please note that Wednesday 25th June is the first time the group will be run from Beccles; Thecla, Laura and myself will be at Beccles Railway Station at 6.45pm to meet people coming from outside Beccles to help out people who don’t know the town.

Please contact Asperger East Anglia on 01603 620500 for more information, email, or visit the Asperger Beccles Facebook page.

( By: Martin Howe )

Selling the Leftovers

I am having a clear-out and there are various items for sale. They are all listed with further details and more images on, so please take a look!

1/5: The Times, 28 November 1990 – Offers?
Main Business

2/5: Men’s Suit (Large) by Digel – £50
Jacket Trousers

3/5: Signed John Hicklenton stats – Offers?

jJH1990 jJH1993

4/5: Sherlock Holmes Complete Collection DVD Box Set – £5
Holmes1s Holmes2s

5/5: Large collection of 2000AD, Megs., Annuals, Specials & Items – Offers?
Please note that the 2000AD-related items are the same ones that are advertised directly here on this website.

(By: Martin Howe)